Hope you enjoy taking a look at a full history below of all kinds of Woody Restorations, over the span of a half a century of working in the industry.

1996 Hackercraft

It's that time of year again, And that means Varnish, Varnish, Varnish. Back again this classic 1990 Hackercraft is getting ready for  some spring cruizin (and not just the Rum) out on the Bay.


1966 Boston Whaler

Refinish teak center console, like new again!

Uncovered a very cool hand painted eagle on the Footlocker!

1954 Sea King

Wow. Another barn find, this ole gal has been sitting in storage for a few years and need a total refit, down to the bones. She seems to have alot of rot in some areas - but nothing that cant be fixed. 


1960 Penguin Sailboat "Victoria"

This little woody, was a shell of a boat. Stripped down to just its ribs, she needed a full rebuild including an entire new hull, interior build, floorboards, center keel and the list goes on and on. The boat was taken down to the bare minimum frame work and basically recreated from scratch. With special care to alignment and weight, as to make sure she was still sail fast on the water when back to racing.

10 Ft Mahogany Skiff

This little woody needed refinishing for the summer for its new 10 year old captain.


Chris Craft Sportsman "Victoria"

Another classic Concours d'elegance boat with same name "Victoria", needed engine re-work and adjustments, on her way back out the door back down to VA shortly for the winter.


1927 Lyman 14 Foot

This cute little blue woody, needed another quick restoration. Ready for some summer fun which includes; new varnish top deck, rub rails and paint job too.

Before - 1927 Lyman
After - a few days later


1938 Century Sea Maid 65 18 foot

This local custom woody is based in Northern Virginia, and is another family heirloom. She needs a complete build on her deck, recoating on her hull, and a new interior build as well. After 20+ years in storage - and previous work completed from the family, in a short while, she'll be planked up and back on the water by spring!

Dave Hannam reports on yet another family heirloom of the 1938 18' Century Sea Maid 95 which resides in Falls Church, VA.This ole woody was acquired by the father, with plans to restore with his eldest son in mind, as a project to be handed down. After the father passed, the son took over the restoration and continued on with the restoration with his friends and family in his garage. After some 20 years, it was time for his brother Robert to take over the project. So his son Neal and their good friend Tim delivered the boat to the shop. Hannam laid out the new deck framing, new stringers, deck planking and in the process of building an original interior. The shop is once again filled with the sweet smell of mahogany!

Hannam shows the 1938 Century Sea Maid mahogany hull, now that all of the deck planking has been cut and she is ready to have new plugs drilled and installed. Next up, the tedious job of long boarding for her smooth finish. Than onto an install of the 12 volt system, including a new harness to the motor and all new wiring for the dash instruments and switches. Just completed all new mechanical running gear andalignment - so she is ready to turn up. 

Pulled up all plank placement prior to final fitting 

Hannam reports that work continues moving forward on the 1938 Century Sea Maid 18 foot Double Cockpit including; final touches to building out the deck, checking, rechecking and checking again all the new planking prior to the final deck permanently going down, the install of a new fresh water system, a complete new wiring system along with running gear, sealing, painting, then bundling up the hardware for some fresh plating and lastly, Hannam's infamous varnish, varnish, varnish. You really can never have just enough coatings!


1949 Chris-Craft Sportsman U22'

Work to start back up on this one now, to include new mahogany engine box and custom interior layout build.

Next up, a very rare Old Woody barn find - just arrived at her new home, here in Annapolis from NY! 
Yikes - Hannam has his plate full with this one, taking on another full restoration.
Check out the old rusty 4 wheels of farm trailer this one came in on - even old farm trailers can have a new start. But we recomended a new set of wheels once this one has her make over.

After many years left outside and covered.  Hannam has started to strip the deck and topsides back to her original luster, including a new mahogany engine box cover. Addtional work to be completed to mecheanical, electrical - well let's just say this ol gal needs a major facelift and alot of work!

Just take a look at the shine on her hull now, after multiple coatings of varnish and Hannam's special buffing technique to get a superior gloss - just like glass!

Work has continued on building a new engine box and creating an interior layout for ease of use.


1956 Custom Sport Runabout 17' - a 3rd generation heirloom

This local custom woody was delivered from Northwester Ohio, as a 3rd generation family heirloom. She needs a complete recoating on her hull, and interior. After 20+ years in a warehouse - the engine fired right up, Hannam is adding new complete electrical harness for the engine - a needed upgrade for safety and reliability. See the difference? What a few new coatings can due to an ole woodie - just like new again!


Floorboards Galore! 
Just refinished a set of teak and holly for an Annapolis charter sailing fleet. 


1964 Chris-Craft Sportsman 18'

This local woody is just getting a quick recoating on her deck. Hannam is getting ready to make the deck inlay stand out again and than addtional coats of varnish to make her shine!


1957 Chris Craft Sportsman Utility 19'

This ole Woody just arrived at her new home, here in Annapolis from Florida!
Another full coatings restoration taking place on the below 1957 Chris Craft Sportsman 19'. After a few years exposed to the harsh southern sun. Hannam striped, re-stained and re-varnished deck and topsides back to her original shine, applying multiple coats of varnish. Addtional work was completed to mecheanical control upgrades, to help the new owner with easier docking this summer. Be on the look out for another Classic Watercraft Restoration cruising down Ego Alley this summer!


1990 Hackercraft 22"

Abandoned and left on the racks at a local marina for years!
Another full restoration of is now taking place of the below 1990 Hackercraft 22' double cockpit runabout. After an outside storage for the last 10+ years, the boat needed to return back to its original luster. 

As you can see, the poor gal had a bit of neglect on the racks. She was salvaged this past winter after rain, sleet and snow had done some damage to her coatings. 

We plan to keep all original steering and instruments on the dash will remain on this Hackercraft after some extensive polishing.

The boat is now under full swing and is in the process of getting stripped in the shop including the deck and topsides. Hannam's careful technique of stripping the varnish down to the original wood with the heat gun, allows for a smooth removal of the coatings with out using chemicals or damaging the wood.

The challenge on this hackercraft deck: the original white beading was in poor condition and had numerous gaps, cracks and holes. Hannam was able to quickly remove the old material and fill in. Once the deck was sanded and faired - we have a great result of a smooth finish prior to applying a new set of coatings.  

Once this Ole Woody is all done, this classic will be spending the summer here in Annapolis with her new cruising family and will be loved and charished once again! So keep an eye out for "Gin Mill" down Ego Alley.

Topsides were stripped down to the bare, naked raw planks
Old varnish on transom stripped down to raw mahogany

Deck grooves filled to smooth out the top surface


1941 Morin Craft 22.5'

Dave inspected this unique Morin Craft 22.5' double cockpit mahogany runabout a few months back (only 4 known to exist) and after summer use on the Bay this very rare beauty is under a full swing restoration and re-power in the shop. 

The boat had been aquired by it's second owner from the Museum of Yachting in Newport, RI and underwent it's first restoration back in 1986. The boat arrived at CWR in good condition. 

Original in Newport, RI
So now the fun work began...after removing and recording all the hardware, the top deck and hull were stripped for minor coating and maintenance issues, replacing some broken frames and stringers, re-seeming, and replanking the tub. The bottom had been stripped, sealed and faired and coated.
This ole woody also had a complete engine remove (6 cylinder 115HP Chrysler Crown) to make ready for the new power plant 454 big block Chevy for up to 500hp for faster top speed on the water. This new engine will also have an addtional chrome accessory kit with braided black and red hoses. 

New 454 Chevy (500 HP) & Original Chysler (115 HP)
Next step, the boat received a new black and gold high gloss finnish from Epifanes. Hannam is currently in the re-assembly stage of the boat and waiting on the new windshield hardware to give it a sleak look.

Stripped Top Deck
Ephines High Gloss on Top Deck

The new big block is in place and after a total of 12 coats to help preserve the mahogany, it has now brought out the shine in this ole beauty. "Old School" will soon be back on the South River for some cruising this summer.

She is a real beauty, just completed and on her way down to the Potomac in VA - the 12 coats of varnish are well worth the protection and make her shine like a fine jewel.


 1958 Chris-Craft Capri 19ft
This ole woody had sat in a barn for an unknown number of years and the owner inherited it when he recently bought the house and property. 

"It took a few of us to identify the actual make and model, based soley on the original hardware and upholstery color. 1955 Capri's were gold, 1956s were special flame, 1957s were mint green, 1958s had tango red & white upholstry" said Hannam.Then after some major peeling away of layers - we found the original Chris-Craft serial number imprinted on the starboard engine strut.

The classic Capri, which is distinguished for its blond mahogany King Plank is in the shop for a complete restoration which will include; structural repair to the stems and frames, a new cold-molded bottom, replacement of deck and top sides, and a mechanical installation of a small block V8 engine for delivery in early spring.

As you can see in the picture to the left, numerous original frames were broken and needed both half and full frame replacements.
All of the broken frames have now been repaired and replaced and sealed.
Next step, shows the first layer of 6mm okoumie skins getting laid out on top of the frames, which is now the start for new planking and a cold-molded bottom. Complete application of the 2nd skin has been permanently affixed using Smiths epoxy.

Phase 1 of the bottom project has been completed with a few coats of Petit Copper Bronze Hard Racing paint which will compliment the red leather interior. Replacing old mahogany bottom planking with a new cold-molded bottom can be more cost-effective and will offer a water tight option depending on the owner's preference.

Flipping the Chris-Craft was easy, Hannam's custom rigging system is in place and can easily be adjusted to fit any small runabout.

Once we had a chance to sand down the top deck, we could see that a few mahogany boards on the bow will need to be replaced prior to new coatings on the deck and sides", said Hannam as he continues with Phase 2 of this complete restoration.
We utilized the heat gun and a tungsten bladed scrapper technique to remove all the varnish from the deck and topsides, which saved time and money. You start by scraping with the grain of the wood, being careful not to gauge or scorch the wood. The heat gun must always remain in motion.

Sections in the original King Plank were replaced and primed.The King Plank, cockpit combs along with the hatch cover have been redone and the boat is starting to now take on the character of a Chris-Craft Capri 19-foot.
After a couple coats of CPS sealer, final sanding with 180 grit and 2 days of warm weather, the first coat of varnish has gone on with an additional nine coats to follow. 

Now that's a nice varnish job - after just 3 coats and performing a white out sanding procedure in-between each coat. We still have an additional coats to go to complete the deck and topsides.

We are finally seeing the end to all of the varnish that needs to go on this old classic Capri - it's been nine coatings in nine days to the deck and topsides. After beading out all the seems on the deck with white 5200, we've got some shine and contrast to this classic woody. The boat will undergo one more round of 120 grit sanding, prior to buffing out and applying the last coat of varnish. Next step, will be the mechanical installation of the GM 350 V8 engine.

Hannam is in the process of dropping in the re-built GM engine. The Glenwood exhaust manifolds, mufflers and extension pipe have all been added. Running gear, strut allignment, new fuel tank, and equipment on the newly built mahogany dash is also completed. 

This completely restored 19' Capri is now ready to be launched in the Bay for it's first test run in 30 years!

1927 Lyman 14'

This historic little gem, made her way back in to Hannam's shop to have a new paint job done, after the owner wanted the boat to look as good as the new 3" thick wooden transom built last year.

Stage one: taped off interior, set up dust collection system in the shop - and started to sand away! Check back shortly - to see the next step. This one wont last long in the shop! Got get her done before the owner comes back from sailing down in Florida this winter.