What Is In The Shop Now?

1927 Lyman 14 foot
This cute little blue woody, is back in the CWR shop again this spring for another quick restoration. Getting her ready for some summer fun which includes; new varnish top deck, rub rails and paint job too.

Before - 1927 Lyman
After - a few days later
Ready for Cruzan on the Bay!

1938 Century Sea Maid 65 18 foot

This local custom woody was delivered to CWR from Northern Virginia, and is another family heirloom. She needs a complete build on her deck, recoating on her hull, and a new interior build as well. After 20+ years in storage - and previous work completed from the family, in a short while, she'll be planked up and back on the water by spring!

Dave Hannam with Classic Watercraft Restoration reports on yet another family heirloom with the arrival of the 1938 18' Century Sea Maid 95 which recently came in from  Falls Church, VA.This ole woody was acquired by the father, with plans to restore with his eldest son in mind, as a project to be handed down. After the father passed, the son took over the restoration and continued on with the restoration with his friends and family in his garage. After some 20 years, it was time for his brother Robert to take over the project. So his son Neal and their good friend Tim delivered the boat to the shop. CWR is currently in the process now of laying out the new deck framing, new stringers, deck planking and in the process of building an original interior. The shop is once again filled with the sweet smell of mahogany!

Hannam reports that thing's are moving forward on the 1938 Century Sea Maid mahogany hull, now that all of the deck planking has been cut and she is ready to have new plugs drilled and installed. Next up, the tedious job of long boarding for her smooth finish. Than onto an install of the 12 volt system, including a new harness to the motor and all new wiring for the dash instruments and switches. Just completed all new mechanical running gear andalignment - so she is ready to turn up. 

Pulled up all plank placement prior to final fitting 

Hannam reports that work continues moving forward on the 1938 Century Sea Maid 18 foot Double Cockpit including; final touches to building out the deck, checking, rechecking and checking again all the new planking prior to the final deck permanently going down, the install of a new fresh water system, a complete new wiring system along with running gear, sealing, painting, then bundling up the hardware for some fresh plating and lastly, Hannam's infamous varnish, varnish, varnish. You really can never have just enough coatings!