Need To Bring Your Classic Back To New Life?

Dave Hannam has been doing quality restorations for years. He takes great pride in his workmanship and attention to details.  No project boat has ever been proven to be too difficult. Loose leaky planks can be easily replaced with a new bottom. While the old bottom is off, we also inspect the keel, chines and frames for damage.  Rotted or weak planks are always replaced or repaired where applicable.

3,000 Brass Fittings
Can you say 3,000 brass fittings. Yep - that's how many were replaced in a recent 1928 Cruiser refit project. "Funny part about my work - sometimes it's never even seen. But I'll keep you afloat"! 

Need to match your varnish? We have always taken great pains to match the original stain color of the vessel, making sure that the coverage of the stain is even along the length of the entire hull. We use the finest quality varnishes - for show quality results. We are always happy to discuss our restoration work. Give us a call to make an appointment to stop by the shop to see how we can make your boat a show winner too.