Do You Love The Old Woodies!

V6 Original Engine
So do we - Dave Hannam has 35+ years of boat building and restoration experience. We call him the "Go To Man". In a pinch - he has even been known to have a customer put the cell phone up to the engine and he has diagnosed the problem on the spot.

V6 Rebuilt Engine
Here you can see an example of a V6 220 hsp engine which was found in an older 42' fishing vessel. It was one of two original engines. Project consisted of engine haul out, rebuild, re-wirering and replacing the original transmission from a 2:2 reduction ratio down to a 2:1. End result-brand new engine placement in a much smaller runabout for tons of power. It may just look like a simple red "hot rod" paint job, but it was well worth the find - to repower another old classic.