Antique And Classic Wooden Boat Restoration and Repair Are Our Specialty!

Welcome to Classic Watercraft Restoration. We run a fully equipped wooden boat restoration and custom small wood boat repair shop in Maryland, catering to just the little guys - the CLASSIC AMERICAN RUNABOUTS. That's right, the Chris Craft's, Gar Wood's, Hacker's, Lyman's, Pen Yan's, Century's and Riva's, just to name a few! We are located near historic Annapolis, Maryland, home of the US Naval Academy and the Sailing Capital of the World.

We are the only classic wooden boat restoration shop in Annapolis that offers small wood boat repairs, boat restoration, reconstruction and finishing services for all types of antique and classic watercraft. We combine traditional and modern techniques to obtain the original look and finish of your historic vessel. In addition to wood boat repair projects, we are also in the business of building classic wood boat replicas based on the original manufacturing specs.

Our small wood boat restoration services (up to 24 ft) are completed in a timely manor-which allows you to continue cruising and having fun out on the Bay! A majority of our wood boat repair projects come from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Delaware and the Carolinas.

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What Is In The Shop Now?

Chris Craft Sportsman "Victoria"

Another classic Concours d'elegance boat with same name "Victoria". Just came in for engine re-work and adjustments, on her way back out the door back down to VA shortly for the winter.


1960 Penguin Sailboat "Victoria"

This little woody, came in as a shell of a boat. Stripped down to just its ribs, she needed a full rebuild including an entire new hull, interior build, floorboards, center keel and the list goes on and on. The boat was taken down to the bare minimum frame work and basically recreated from scratch. With special care to alignment and weight, as to make sure she was still sail fast on the water when back to racing.


1954 Sea King

Wow. Another barn find, this ole gal has been sitting in storage for a few years and need a total refit, down to the bones. She seems to have alot of rot in some areas - but nothing that cant be fixed. 

10 Ft Mahogany Skiff

This little woody needed refinishing for the summer for its new 10 year old captain.

1938 Century Sea Maid 65 18 foot

This local custom woody was delivered to CWR from Northern Virginia, and is another family heirloom. She needs a complete build on her deck, recoating on her hull, and a new interior build as well. After 20+ years in storage - and previous work completed from the family, in a short while, she'll be planked up and back on the water by spring!

Hannam reports that thing's are moving forward on the 1938 Century Sea Maid mahogany hull, now that all of the deck planking has been cut and she is ready to have new plugs drilled and installed. Next up, the tedious job of long boarding for her smooth finish. Than onto an install of the 12 volt system, including a new harness to the motor and all new wiring for the dash instruments and switches. Just completed all new mechanical running gear and alignment - so she is ready to turn up.

Do You Love The Old Woodies!

V6 Original Engine
So do we - Dave Hannam at Classic Watercraft Restoration is bringing 35 years of boat building and restoration experience to this organization. We call him the "Go To Man". In a pinch - he has even been known to have a customer put the cell phone up to the engine and he has diagnosed the problem on the spot.

V6 Rebuilt Engine
Here you can see an example of a V6 220 hsp engine which was found in an older 42' fishing vessel. It was one of two original engines. Project consisted of engine haul out, rebuild, re-wirering and replacing the original transmission from a 2:2 reduction ratio down to a 2:1. End result-brand new engine placement in a much smaller runabout for tons of power. It may just look like a simple red "hot rod" paint job, but it was well worth the find - to repower another old classic.

Need To Bring Your Classic Back To New Life?

Dave Hannam has been doing quality restorations for years. He takes great pride in his workmanship and attention to details.  No project boat has ever been proven to be too difficult. Loose leaky planks can be easily replaced with a new bottom. While the old bottom is off, we also inspect the keel, chines and frames for damage.  Rotted or weak planks are always replaced or repaired where applicable.

3,000 Brass Fittings
Can you say 3,000 brass fittings. Yep - that's how many were replaced in a recent 1928 Cruiser refit project. "Funny part about my work - sometimes it's never even seen. But I'll keep you afloat"! 

Need to match your varnish? We have always taken great pains to match the original stain color of the vessel, making sure that the coverage of the stain is even along the length of the entire hull. We use the finest quality varnishes - for show quality results. We are always happy to discuss our restoration work. Give us a call to make an appointment to stop by the shop to see how we can make your boat a show winner too.

One Woody At A Time!

Customers love our unique philosophy in the restoration industry...we only work on one boat at a time.

Member of Better Business Bureau, Classic Watercraft Restoration offers 100% individual and detailed dedication to your scheduled project.  It's in and than out the door before you know it, no waiting at this shop. Our open door policy allows our customers to see the progression each week and our open communication helps them to understand the methodical steps taking place during the restoration. We also photograph the complete project, so you will have a visual record of the work that was done. This can also be helpful when providing evidence for insurance or to a new buyer. All wooden boats from Virginia, New York, to the Carolina's and beyond are welcome.

What Are My Restoration Options?

A restoration on any wooden boat consists of repairing and replacing everything necessary to bring the boat up to new condition, strength, finish, and making it reliable. The extent of a restoration is always customized and can vary a great deal. Below are a few options to help get you started.
  • Bow To Stern Restoration: Some of our customers prefer to do a complete restoration bringing the boat back to the original condition using traditional materials. Others like to modify the design and use more contemporary materials.
  • We Finish Boat Projects: Nothing is ever too far gone. Many boats I have restored have been done in different stages over a number of years, which allows the owners to use the boat in the summer
  • Together We Can Finish Your Dream: Get R Done. Some customers like to do parts of the restoration project themselves. We help get things started like replanking, cosmetic finishes or mechanical or electrical systems and than you take the boat home to finish the additional work yourself

Latest News

PropTalk's Boatshop Reports:
Be sure to read the monthly updates on the latest Classic Watercraft Restoration news currently listed in PropTalk's Magazine Boatshop Reports. Now you can always stay up to date on our latest restoration projects in the works. And check out our new Marine Services advertisement placement in the back pages every month.

St. Michael's Antique and Classic Boat Festival:
Hannam is heading over to the Boat Festival again this year with the completed Gar Wood Speedster 16' in tow. It's been a few years of hard work, dedication and just LOVE - but this little fireball is now completed and ready to show! Just look how far this unique hand built boat from Hannam has come! Sure to be a crowd stopper-again this year.

We had another great time, showing off at the Annual St. Michaels Antique & Classic Boat Festival. The crowd was amazing, and couldn't believe how far along the Gar Wood 16' Speedster Replica had come since last summer. Everyone is looking forward to seeing it complete and varnished, including it's 210 hp V6 GM velvet drive engine.
At last years event, we won an award from the ACBS Chesapeake Bay Chapter for the "Best Land Display" for our newly constructed Gar Wood. We were honored to have participated in such a great event, which included close to 100 antique and classic boats on display.

Annapolis Lifestyles Magazine:

The Annapolis magazine recently highlighted Dave under their feature People of Interest section, in an article called "Taking Life One Boat at a Time".Hannam talks about the vanishing woodwright shops and describes his unique company philosophy, "My clientele are passionate about their boats. They want a product they can be proud of"."It's not just a matter of the best deal - it's about personality, communication and service, building relationships and conversation" said Hannam.

What the Heck is Crab Derby Racing?

Smith Island Crabbing Skiff 20-Foot
Dave Hannam Racing Skiff
In the late 1890s, soft shell crab harvesting on the Chesapeake was done by single-sail bateau or by throwing crab netting at low tide. In 1919 Captain Lawson Tyler, a noted Smith Island carpenter designed a sturdy single cylinder motorized long and narrow 20' skiff. Over the years the engines were upgraded and the speedy little skiffs bows would spring out of the water and eventually would be used for weekend racng. They were built mostly out of pine or cypress with botom planking running lengthwise, rather than the common cross planking, allowing faster movement through the water.

Hannam in Race
The skiff race has found new life, a select few craftsman here in MD & VA have decided to build replicas, insert a Kohler 20 hp lawn mower engine and enjoy the thrill of racing on the bay. Click below to see Dave's White Skiff (w/ lightning bolt on the side) in a few of the local races in the Bay!